Bolla Tournament Bracket Maker

Bolla is all what you need to generate your football tournament schedule. You can use it to organize tournaments for teams, groups or individuals. Bolla Tournament Bracket Maker supports single and double round robin tournaments, it also support single and double elimination (knock-out) tournaments. Bolla Round Robin Generator is ideal for Soccer, Football. Bolla is linked to social media networks, like Twitter and Facebook, to share your tournaments score tables with your friends.

Bolla Features

Using Bolla Tournament Bracket Maker is straightforward and very easy, just enter your tournament details, number of teams, name of tournament and its logo, then your teams and your schedule is instantly created and easily accessed via the app. Changes made to the schedule are updated instantly and in real-time. Bolla Round Robin Tournament Bracket Generator provides a host of features that make generating and scheduling any football / soccer game or tournament as easy as possible.


  • Creating Round Robin and Elimination (Knock-out) Tournaments
  • Creating single or double round tournaments


  • Customizing the tournament name and tournament icon for each tournament
  • Customizing the player name, team name and player icon for each player
  • Choosing from well known Team names like (FC Barcelona , Real Madrid CF…)


  • Importing Players from your contacts directly
  • Importing Players from your Facebook Account


  • Showing a schedule for the played and pending matching
  • Creating a detailed score table for each tournament (number of wins, losses, goals)


Best app This app is amazing, I love it!!


Robert Russo
Robert RussoAndroid User

Smooth App Really great app with a smooth flow to create tournament and manage it


Casey Jones
Casey JonesiPhone User

Super Its usefull for football


venkatesan vasudevan
venkatesan vasudevan Android User

Cool app, i have used it to manage PES tournament with my friends and really very easy. Good app


David Bowie
David BowieiPhone User

I reaslly enjoy the app, however im finding that when i try to add a win to a participant in a round robin it seems like their match up with another specific participant doesnt come up. Maybe in doibg something wrong, but instructions or guides would help. Im just trying to award points to those who won them…and the match ups arent showing up


Terence Cooper
Terence CooperAndroid User

Simple and easy to use.


Winnie Coop
Winnie CoopAndroid User

Brilliant One of the greatest apps that let you manage you soccer tournaments easily


Lydia Deetz
Lydia DeetzAndroid User

Wonderful app , I usually using it to create great tournament at my playstation cafe! Thank


Temono87iPhone user

Download Bolla Now and Enjoy Creating your Tournament Bracket

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